Windows 10’s Big Mistakes: Can We Trust A Company That Removed The Start Menu?

Microsoft launched Windows 10 with multiple features and capabilities, and makes it easier for the users than ever to authenticate on a PC. Still, I fail to see why many features of the operating system were kept under veil of secrecy till the last minute, even simple day to day features which should have been spelled out from the start.

The Install/Reinstall Procedure:

Windows 10’s Media Creation app is very useful but it lacks vital information for avoiding install and activation issuestumblr_inline_nvhmy5HmkE1tcoq6n_1280.


Many people had reinstalled their old OS again, activate it, update to Windows 10 and then do a clean install. Still Microsoft has not made it clear on the tool page which version of Windows 10 you should be downloading. For example, you are capable to download Windows 10 Pro or Home but if your copy of Windows 7 or 8 were Home versions then you will be unable to activate the Pro version of Windows 10. In other words, it’s a mess and Microsoft should do up the Media Creation Tool which make these steps clear.tumblr_inline_nvhmy53EbF1tcoq6n_1280

The Update Process:

Installing an entire operating system by the means of what is essentially an update may work for Apple system with limited hardware configurations but the difference in Windows PCs is enormous. This is one of the PC’s best assets; but, it’s likely it also lead to a significant number of failed updates.

Windows Updates:

Windows 10 Pro users can stop updates from being installed automatically. Peculiarly, I used to like installing updates manually too, particularly performance updates. Windows 7 and 8 were not without their problems but seeing a latest performance enhancing update pop into Windows Update did give me which warm downy feeling that I was looking after my OS and might see some improvements.tumblr_inline_nvhmy6fwvY1tcoq6n_1280

A Huge Missed Opportunity:

The thing which infuriates me most about Windows 10 is the missed opportunity, basically about everything I mentioned above. Not keeping enthusiasts in the loop about how their systems would work was a very bad move, however I can see no reasonable reason why the information we needed was not made available months earlier than the launch. The install, reinstall process and activation should have been cursed out in a guide early ontumblr_inline_nvhmy8Ibow1tcoq6n_1280.