Tool to Recover Data from Formatted Partition

“I had no choice but to format the partition after facing with format error, every time when I tried to access the hard drive partition, I was displayed with the an error message which says “drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now? My hard drive partition is empty now, I have already tried a recovery software but I have to say, it didn’t help me to recover my files in a good shape. Please help me to figure out a perfect solution to perform formatted partition recovery. It’s really important for me to get back access to the data contained in the formatted partition.”

Advancements in technology has already brought too many applications to recover file from hard drive partitions, but every solution is not legitimate there are lot of misleading applications, you will have to be really wise to choose among those. We are here to guide you to the right path. The disappointing fact is that, there is hardly any new technology to control data loss situations. People keep loosing data from their most preferred storage location i.e. hard drive. And as you know these hard drive can be classified into partitions and which helps to organize data in a much efficient way. One of the major reasons for loosing data from hard drive partition is formatting. Formatting erases the entire content in the hard drive partition, which of course is not affordable for any user. It is an awful situation, in case if you don’t have the backup of data. But, is it really threatening? We will find it out after having a close look on the common causes of formatting the hard drive partition.

Data loss situations due to formatting:

  • Unintentional formatting: Choosing the wrong partition to format may happen with users, which is actually avoidable but we can never predict these kind of situations.
  • Partitioning using third party tools: User have the tendency to use third party applications to partition the hard drive, but using it inappropriately or fault in the application itself will actually format the existing partition thereby leads to huge loss of data.
  • Multiple operating system installation: Without backing up the data in the existing partition, if you try to install an additional operating system onto your PC, it will format the partition resulting in severe loss situations.
  • Mishaps while using disk management tool: Inexperience of using disk management tool to partition the hard drive might result in formatting the existing partition and which in turn results in heavy data loss.
  • Not formatted error: If the hard drive partition is severely corrupted then while trying to access the hard drive partition, you will have to deal with not formatted error, which will actually ask you to format the hard drive to get access to the hard drive, which we have detailed in the case scenario over the top.

It’s true that you will have to deal with data loss after formatting the hard drive partition, but you don’t need to consider it as a haunting task which can never be attained. Formatting is not going to remove the entire data from hard drive, it only removes the address of the files that are stored in the hard drive partition. The result to this is that it will make all the files stored in your hard drive inaccessible. However, it’s not that difficult to recover files if you have access to a professional tool that allows formatted partition recovery. The best from our pick is RAW Partition Recovery software. You can certainly use this tool to recover data from formatted hard drive partition, it recovers files of all file formats regardless of the type such as photos, documents, audio and video files. Consider reading this page to find out how to perform formatted partition recovery using RAW Partition Recovery software.


RAW Partition Recovery works perfectly to recover data from hard drive partition that are formatted or re-formatted on Windows and Mac PC’s. It helps in recovering data from NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+ formatted partitions. Benefits of this partition recovery software include: the very interactive user interface, which is self-explainable in nature and hence you don’t require an expert advice to use this for formatted partition recovery; integrated with an advanced scanning algorithm which explicitly scans the hard drive for missing files and folders from hard drive partition; resuming feature by making use of save recovery session facilitates the user to restart the recovery procedure whenever it is required.