Software to Restore Data from Deleted ExFAT Partition

exFAT (i.e. extended file allocation table) is a file system, which is especially designed for flash storage drives. It is the improvement version of file system to overcome issue occurred on NTFS and FAT 32 technology. This file system is supported on various storage devices such as external hard disk drive, solid state drive, flash memory cards and many more. It is responsible about how files are stored, named and retrieved on/from the storage devices, which is basically supported by Windows computer.

However, exFAT partition/ drive can safely store data such as media files, documents, application files, etc on its memory but due to several reasons partition may get deleted.  And if you want it back then you need to know about how to recover deleted exFAT partition. It is quite simple to undelete exFAT partition using Partition Recovery Utility. Whenever, you meet such situation, take assistance of this proficient tool so that partition recovery can be done most effectively. With assistance of this application, it becomes easy and simple to undelete exFAT partition data which has been deleted due to deletion of partition. It recovers not only deleted ExFAT partition, but also capable to undelete data from it.

Why it is possible to recover deleted data from ExFAT partition?

It is because, when you are deleting data from exFAT partition, only reference of the data is going to be deleted instead of actual data. So, the data still remains on the same location on the storage until it is overwritten by new data. This is the main reason why the deleted file are still recoverable. But before recovery you may ensure that no file has been overridden, since once overridden files cannot be recovered.

Some reasons when exFAT partition may get deleted:

  • Virus infection: When the exFAT drive is infected by viruses, malware, worm, Trojan horse etc, then the exFAT partition might get deleted, corrupted or inaccessible, which might lead to loss of all data saved on that partition.
  • Accidental deletion: While repartitioning the existing exFAT partition, you may accidentally click on delete option on it. which may result in deletion of exFAT partition.
  • Third party utility: Sometimes, third party utility may delete the exFAT partition. For example, if antivirus program is installed on your computer and you have connected the exFAT file system formatted drive to the computer then you may get pop up Window along with delete and ignore option. If you have clicked on delete option, the virus infected drive may get deleted instantly.

Along with above mentioned scenarios there are more other factors like MBR corruption, improper file system conversion etc, which may result in loss of exFAT partition/ drive. But no need to get worried because partition Recovery Utility is capable enough to recover deleted exFAT partition including data stored on it.

Some prominent features of Partition Recovery Utility:

This tool is virus free, safe and secure to perform deleted exFAT partition recovery without modifying any data located on the drive. It can easily undelete exFAT file system formatted SSD, external HDD, CF drive etc. Along with restoring deleted exFAT formatted storage drive, this tool can also be utilized to undelete NTFS, FAT 32, FAT 16 etc partitions. The tool is compatible with various version of Windows computer. The tool provides the best user friendly interface to recover deleted exFAT partition just like an expert user.