Most Reliable SSD Hard Drive for Mac System

Nowadays there is huge competition between different brands of SSDs and flash drive. We conduct a survey in order to determine the best SSD drive for Mac based system. The survey is based upon the reviews taken from users in different aspects. Here’s is some of the information related to SSDs:

Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

The price of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is £216 for 256 GB storage. It is basically a portable flash drive which consists of both USB 3.0 connections and Thunderbolt. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt enables connection to the Windows PC with USB 3.0 connection and also adds welcome versatility. Using this device, Mac users can easily take the advantages of fastest desktop data bus. The weight of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is a little less than 250 g and can easily accommodate internal SATA SSD of 2.5 inch. The construction is rather preternaturally tactile. The dimention is about 130x81mm and 24mm thick with soft rounded from bottom. It is stamped with the thin aluminium sheet and white plastic top.

The largest capacity of Buffalo’s SSD hard drive is 256 GB and it is also available with 128 GB storage. After testing this device it is observed that over 3.0 USB, Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt can averaged reads at the 401MB/s and can write with the speed of just 258MB/s. It is far greater than the laptop disk drive although this measured speed is slowest among this capacity of the portable hard drive. If you are talking about small file transfer of about 1MB then the speed is just 155 MB/s for reads and the speed to write is about 66MB/s. While connected to Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt, the speed of Buffalo drive’s is dropped upto 391MB/s for sequential reads and for sequential writes it remains same for USB 3.0. While in small file tranfer the sequential reads is dropped down to 146MB/s and for random sequential write is again at 66MB/s.The transfer speed of the portable Thunderbolt device is always lag behind the slower USB 3.0 protocol.


The Buffalo’s drive is faster and also cheaper and can support USB 3.0. The looks and tactility will attract and recommend to anyone which is taken by its neat form.

Specifications of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt:

  • The Thunderbolt interface will delivers the extremely fast transfer speeds which is up to 10 Gbps for the Mac users
  • The USB 3.0 of Buffalo’s drive offers the universal connectivity for Windows PCs as well
  • The Plug and play setup of drive enables easy to use storage
  • Can be Pre formatted for Mac
  • The Time Machine can support and offers scheduled backups in order to protect the Mac computers