How to Recover Data from Transcend Memory Card (Micro SD)?


I wanted to transfer some important pictures from my computer to Micro SD card, but when I connected the card to computer it prompted with an error. I didn’t go through the error and straight away went with “Yes” option; consequently I lost whole data from memory card.

Please help me with some valuable suggestion to recover all my important pictures. I was using Transcend memory card to transfer images from computer.transcend card recovery,recover transcend memory card


The way you have underwent with the error I suspect that you have formatted the card, however the answer remains simple “Yes you can easily recover Transcend memory card”, this can be achieved with the help of Transcend Card Recovery Tool which can effectively recover all the images that were lost due to format.

However you might be still in an ambiguity how does this recovery work even after format of the memory card. The idea is very simple to understand; say when the file is deleted or formatted the data will not be actually deleted from the storage device. But instead only the address pointer will get deleted and the actual data will be intact on the card however the data won’t be visible for the users.

Yet you should be proactive in recovering the data soon after deletion or format of the card. The reason behind emphasizing on data recovery is: when the files are deleted or lost it will be ready to get overwritten by the newly loaded data, hence due to this reason the chances of the recovery will reduce every instant.

Things which should be taken care –

Soon after data loss make sure you are no longer working with the storage device because there are possibilities of data overwrite

The basic reason behind the error which made you perform format is file system corruption. And generally file system corruption may occur due to virus infection, improper ejection and mishandling of the device etc.

Always make sure you safely remove the card from the device and if there is any current operation in progress then wait until it gets finished

Scan the card with reliable anti-virus program so that any malware or infectious program get removed from the card

Particulars of Transcend Card Recovery

The tool is not just limited with picture recovery but can also recover various kinds of files such as video file, mp3 files, documents (which include word document, PPT, excel, PDF etc.), archive files and many others

You can make the recovery much simpler with aid of interfaces which are simplified in such a way that even a non-technical user can easily accomplish the task

Soon after recovery you can preview the recovered data, with this way you can know the probabilities of the file recovery before even purchasing the tool

The tool is compatible with all popular operating system of Windows and Mac computers

Requires very less amount of storage space for installation on computer, yet this simple tool can still recover large files without any difficulty

Selective file recovery can make the process of recovery very easier and quicker