Formatted Error – Recover Data Erased due to Format Error

“I got into this situation last week. I couldn’t access one of my hard disk partition on my Windows PC due to not formatted error message. All of my important files both personal and official are preserved in this disk partition. Now it keeps repeating the same error message whenever I try to access the disk drive. I am not sure about the next step that I should take. To resolve this not formatted error and to access the disk drive the only option it seems like is formatting the hard disk. Which of course will remove all the files from hard disk drive that is something which nobody would like to happen. I don’t have back up of any of the files stored inside this disk partition, and therefore I am not ready to take any risk. Can anyone help me to find out the perfect solution to recover data after not formatted error message?”

Many of the users might have got into these sort of situation which stops you from accessing the hard disk drive. Not formatted error is something which still gives lot of headache to the users. If you don’t have backup to compensate data loss then you are in all sorts of trouble. This error triggers lot of questions and ambiguity in user’s mind. Keep reading this article as you will find the best way to deal whenever you encounter with not formatted error message in this page. At first, get to know why this error message is getting displayed on the system.

Reasons behind not formatted error message

  • Abrupt shutdown of the system: Terminating the system abruptly by using the power button or due to power surge while the data in the hard disk drive is being used.
  • Virus / Malware intrusion: Harmful viruses and malwares that enter into the disk drive can corrupt your hard disk drive and this will result in not formatted error.
  • Logical errors: These kind of errors are hard to explain, mostly unknown that damages the file system on your hard drive partition. Thereby initiates not formatted error.
  • Other factors: Hard disk malfunctioning, due to more number of bad sectors, due to aging of hard drive, etc. will also prompt this error, in such cases drive needs to be formatted.

Any of these reason will trigger not formatted error message on your PC. Users often make their assumptions at this moment of time. And might also jump into conclusion that they have lost all files. But that’s not true, your files are not lost forever, it still occupies the space inside the hard drive. Choosing the tool wisely is extremely important to get back files from hard drive that went inaccessible after format error message. Ending up with a wrong tool will lead to disaster. If you are equipped with the right resources then quite easily you can resolve the error message disk not formatted and recover all the lost files. If you have similar sort of situation then we recommend you to use Drive Recovery software. It is specifically designed to resolve not formatted error message.

Drive Recovery is a professional tool that helps to restore files from disk drive that are formatted, deleted or damaged due to any reason. It has the capability to recover data from hard disk drive, USB drive, memory card, external hard disk drive and other storage devices after facing format error messages. By using this tool you can easily recover documents, images, videos, audios, compressed documents with its unique signatures. It has the ability to restore SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, and SSD hard drive interfaces. To know more about hard drive interfaces, visit this site. By utilizing this tool you can recover files from hard disk drive and other storage devices on all versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, etc. By using the demo version of this application, user can preview the recovered files from the storage device.