Easy Way to Repair MP4 File that Isn’t Playing on QuickTime

I have recently captured a video using my digital camera during my friend’s marriage. Later, I moved that file to my Mac system by connecting digital camera to it. However, when I tried to play that Mp4 video file on QuickTime player but it refused to play the file and displayed errors. Later, I tried in another player to play it but got errors. That MP4 video file is very important one so could not wish to lose it. So, what should I do to repair that Mp4 video file? Is there any third party tool to fix it?

QuickTime player refuses to play a MP4 video file when that files is corrupted or codec files are missing. However, if MP4 file is not playing on QuickTime player then no need to worry; because you are landed at right place to fix that corrupted Mp4 video files with the use of superb file repair software called MP4 Repair Mac. This application is excellent in repairing any size of MP4 file whether it is corrupted or damaged due to any reasons. Initially, this application takes a copy of your corrupted MP4 video file and scans it successfully. After that separates audio and video streams and fixes all issues with them. Finally, it adjoins them to give a healthy playable MP4 video file on QuickTime player in few simple steps

Caution: whenever a MP4 video is not playing on any version of QuickTime player then stop attempting to play repeatedly because it increases corruption level in your video file and this leads to loss of file permanently.

List of reasons behind the corruption of MP4 file

  • Virus attacks: This is one of the main reasons behind the corruption of Mp4 video file on any storage drives. In case, if you have been stored Mp4 video file in a unhealthy memory card then your video file may get corrupted and even modify its file structure too, thus results in corrupted Mp4 video fie.
  • Sudden removal of memory card: Suppose you are making a video using GoPro camcorder in such case, if you abruptly ejected memory card out then video files stored in it turn out to be inaccessible after rigorous corruption in memory card.
  • File Header corruption: Each files stores on Mac hard drive has its own file header which consists of file name, type, size, date, etc. All these file attributes required to access a any files. However, if your MP4 video file header is damaged then your file will not play on QuickTime.
  • Camcorder low battery signal: Sometimes, you might try to capture a video even though camera or other video capturing device is displaying low battery signal then it results in corruption of MP4 video files.
  • Unexpected system failure: There are chances of MP4 video file corruption due to abrupt system failure when MP4 vide file is still in playing mode.
  • Media player: Trying to play a MP4 video in corrupted QuickTime player might results in corrupted Mp4 video file.

Your essential MP4 video file may corrupt due to any of above scenarios. However, if you have come across any of those scenarios and your video has corrupted severely due to this you may not able play on QuickTime player then no need to worry; because this video file reapir software repairs your Video file irrespective of reasons behind it. Finally, it will give you a healthy MP4 video file that is playable on Quick Time player on Mac system.

Various advantages of application are

  • Application is totally automated repair process
  • Rich in user interface
  • Repairs unplayable MP4 video file on QuickTime payer
  • Repairs both MOV and MP4 video file formats
  • Repairs large sized MP4 video files on Mac
  • Performs safely, securely and quickly repairs Mp4 video file on Mac
  • You can avail free technical support for 24/7 hours via email and live chat applications
  • Permits you to view fixed video file once repairing process is done successfully

Application supported codecs

  • Video – avc1, mp4v, mjpeg
  • Audio – sowt, RAW, mp4a

Precautions to follow

  • Backup all essential MP4 video files in various storage devices
  • Make use of good memory card to save captured Mp4 videos
  • Always play a video file in healthy media player