Everything You Need to Know About Data Recovery from USB Flash Drive

usbUSB flash disk, also known as Pen drives or Thumb drives. These disks are portable, durable, small in size and work in less power supplies. These USB flash disks are small devices with high storage capacity which make the uses of flash memory to store the data. These flash disks are frequently used to carry and while transferring vital data from one system to another.

These flash drives are connected on to the system through the Universal Serial Bus interface, i.e. USB port and hence the name USB drives. The range of data storage capabilities of these drives are from megabytes to Gigabytes. It can store numerous types of data files like documents, folders, media files that include picture, music, ZIP, videos, text files, etc. These files can be lost or deleted under various circumstances. After losing of deletion such important data from USB flash drive, you want to get back them at any cost. If you have backup of these precious files, then you can restore them otherwise you need an advanced recovery program which enable you to recover USB flash disk without any difficulty. USB Flash Drive Recovery is one of the best program which enable you to recover USB flash disk data easily.

Most common reasons behind data deletion or loss from USB flash disk:

Accidental deletion: You might have accidently deleted some of your significant files from USB flash disk while processing of the system. These deleted files will bypass Recycle Bin folder and you cannot restore these deleted files from Recycle Bin and face data deletion issue.

Formatting flash drive: Format is a process of removing all the disk data to check read and write access of the disk. Thus, before formatting it, you need to take proper backup of essential files. Else, all your files will be lost after formatting process.

Power Outage: During transferring data from USB flash disk to the system or vice versa, if there is a power surge occurring and system goes down, then the data stored on USB flash drive may get corrupted and data can be lost.

Corruption of File System: Although using cut and paste command to move the data from USB flash disk to another disk or it should not be disturbed. If this process is interrupted due to any of the reasons, then you may lose the data that is being moved.

There might be many other causes that could lead to data deletion or loss from USB flash disk. In such data losses situations make use of USB Flash Drive Recovery software recover USB flash disk data easily. This software perfectly works with Windows and Mac systems to restore lost or deleted data from USB flash disk. Some of the features of this recovery program are mention below:

  • Effortlessly recover all the data file types like text, documents, folders, images, zip, videos, etc.
  • Capable to recover USB flash disk data from various brands like SanDisk, PNY, Panasonic, Transcend, Kingston, etc.
  • Also helps to get back lost or deleted data from storage devices like memory cards such as SD card, CF, Multimedia card, memory sticks, external hard drives, etc.
  • Enable you to restore data from hard drive partitions on both Windows and Mac systems like Win 7, Win 8, Mavericks, Lion, Win XP, Yosemite, etc.