How to Repair PPT File when PowerPoint Can’t Read PPT File

“Hi, I have a PowerPoint file on my computer that was created by me just two days ago and this morning when I was trying to access it, PowerPoint says it cannot read the file. Is this because my PPT file is corrupt? How to I fix this issue when PowerPoint can’t read PPT on my computer?”

You can certainly fix the issue when PowerPoint says cannot read file when you’re trying to access any PPT file. All you need is a PowerPoint repair software that will let you repair the PPT file that is causing PowerPoint to throw this error at you.

A PowerPoint repair tool is a software that is designed to fix issues that arises in PPT files. With this repair software installed on your computer, you can always make sure that all errors on your PowerPoint files are fixed in a safe and secure manner.

If you want to know how you can fix PowerPoint files when PowerPoint can’t read PPT files, then watch the video linked below:

As shown in the above video, you can fix this issue in just a few mouse clicks and get back access to your PowerPoint files. This error usually occurs when your PowerPoint file goes corrupt and there may be various reasons why your PowerPoint file may go corrupt. When PowerPoint says it cannot read your file, then there’s literally no way to repair and make your PowerPoint file accessible back again unless it is repaired and made free from all errors using a PowerPoint repair software.

PowerPoint files are notoriously known to get corrupt and the best possible way to safeguard your PPT files is by carrying a backup copy and having it saved to a safe location on your computer. When you have no backup copy and end up with this error, then there’s still hope of getting back access to your PowerPoint file by having it repaired using a good PowerPoint repair tool like the one used above in the tutorial video.

After watching the tutorial video, I could see a few features in the repair tool that were worth mentioning here. The software read the corrupt PowerPoint file and created a fresh new copy of the PPT file that was fed to it. This new copy is the repaired file that is free from all errors and the original copy is not altered by the software and is only read by the software in order to create the new file.

I ran the software on various versions of PowerPoint and concluded that it supports all versions of PPT files. It could also be installed on the latest versions of Window OS.

Overall, this PowerPoint repair tool makes it the best to fix errors when PowerPoint can’t read PPT files on your computer. So, with a safe and recommended PPT repair tool, you are always guaranteed of repairing and fixing the issues on your PPT file.

Complete Solution to Fix PowerPoint 2000 Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is used worldwide to perform all sorts of communication purposes. The application is used in preparing training material, product presentation, project presentation, company manuals which are very interactive to the users. MS PowerPoint saves the file in PPT file extension. For new versions of power point starting from 2007 files can also be saved in file extension PPTX.

As we all work on the computer for various propose, data corruption has become a big concern for us. While using PowerPoint presentation you may have seen the error messages related to opening of PowerPoint file like Unable to Open the File. The power point 2000 files which we are creating may contain many pages called slides and eventually it will be a complex file so there is great chance of corruption and always prone to errors. So what to do with a corrupted file? It is always not possible to remake a PPT file, as they are very big and very complex. Corruption makes all our work in vain.

Various reasons that cause corruption of PowerPoint 2000 file

  • The PPT 2000 files can be corrupted  due to malfunctioning of the PowerPoint application which arises due to the  improper installation of the tool i.e. a corrupted application can produce only a corrupted output
  • There is a great chance of virus attack on our computers from World Wide Web or by connecting virus infected pen drive or data storage devices to it. So if we are creating a PPT file on virus infected computer, the presentation that we are creating will be virus infected and it will be corrupted
  • If the hard drive of the system starts malfunctioning, the data stored in it will not be accessible and it is same for PowerPoint 2000 files also
  • While we are working on a PPT file, If the system suddenly shut down it may cause the power point presentation to be corrupted.

Different thoughts arise as we receive different errors and we will be looking for some methods repair PPT 2000. There is a chance of recovery if we have a back up of PowerPoint 2000 file. Corrupted file can be restored with backup copies. If we don’t have back up of Power point file, we have to use some third party PPT repairing tool. Repair PowerPoint application is one of the globally accepted tools for repairing PPT 2000 files which are corrupted or damaged due to virus attack, CRC error, incomplete download, malfunctioning of the PowerPoint application etc. The main features of the applications are mentioned below

  • The software is very fast in repairing the power point slides, such that it completes the process within minutes. Also the software is compatible to repair different types of PowerPoint presentation files like .PPT, .PPS, .PPSX, .PPTX
  • Repairs Windows PowerPoint 2000 files which are corrupted and refuse to open
  • Once the repairing of PPT 2000 files is over, It allows the user to preview the repaired PowerPoint file.
  • After repairing of power point 2000, It allows user to preview the repaired PPT file.
  • The application can work on all versions of windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2007.
  • Application is brilliant to repair and recover all the objects of the slides such as text, graphic, sound effects, video effects, images, hyperlinks etc

The application is able to repair PPT 2000 files and it recovers the same without losing the attractive and appealing appearance of the presentation