Know about Apple Latest iPod Pro 9.7

proApple has recently launched a new iPod Pro 9.7. It is the best tablet which the company has developed. This Apple iPod tablet contains the features of the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with the thin structure of the iPad Air 2. Moreover, it carries an exciting, colorful accurate screen and an advanced camera that we have already gotten on an iPad device. It is a replacement or alternative of laptops. If anyone you want to buy a laptop, then you can buy a simple laptop, but if you need is a great tablet, then this iPod Pro 9.7-inch is the best choice.

Apple, looking to increase its plea, takes a present high-end device and squeezes its significant bits into a smaller and familiar seeing body. That was the situation with the iPhone SE, and at first look, that seems to be true of the iPad Pro 9.7-inch as well; it looks as last year’s iPad Pro in the frame of an iPad Air 2.

But, there are some mistakes to be conscious of. The A9X chipset (64 bit ARM based system on a chip) in the 9.7-inch model is back, for example, but this chip is paired with 2 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory). I will crack into what that means for performance a slight later, but the change however produces this Pro appear, well, a little less Pro.

This Apple iPod Pro 9.7 is not having 3D touch, also because of cost or complete technical infeasibility. There is a Touch ID sensor fixed in the Home button as normal, but it looks to be the little bit slow, older version, not the one in the Apple iPhone 6s.

Inquisitively, this Apple Pro 9.7 inch model is in some ways more attractive than the original one. For appetizers, it features the iPhone 6s’s 12MP front camera with an f/2.2 lens. I would not reside on it since I have essentially studied the same camera sensor three times; serve to say, it is the best camera ever put on an iPad Pro and people will be able to take some good shots.

The plastic sheet on the back of 3G models has been changed with an iPhone such as antenna band, too. The antenna band fixed into the LTE Pro’s aluminum body is not entirely even, and I cannot hide it.

Know More About Lenovo IdeaPad 100S

Now, Lenovo needs to double dip within the cheap, cloud-based laptop computer house with a replacement IdeaPad ten0S running Windows 10. ideapad-100s-11-hero-img

With a $189 (about £123, AU$269) beginning value, this 11.6-inch laptop computer may be a potential Chromebook killer. Packing a one.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor, 2GB for RAM and solely 32GB of storage, Lenovo offers AN virtually identical device running Google’s Chrome OS. To contend with Chromebooks’ Google Drive offers, this machine comes bundled with an annual subscription to workplace 365. The Lenovo IdeaPad 100S is additionally accessible as a 14-inch notebook that comes usually with a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3050 chip and 64GB of storage for $229.


A pitfall that low-cost laptops typically stumble into is that they give the impression of being and feel as if they were force out of the cut-price basement. Thankfully, that may not the case with the IdeaPad 100S. The laptop’s plastic body is solid, though’ it’s a bent to select up greasy fingerprints quickly. Likewise, the keyboard feels astonishingly uncramped despite the tiny size of the notebook. It is also straightforward to quickly navigate across the Windows ten desktop, due to the big and swish touchpad. For a sub-$200 machine, the IdeaPad 100S features an astonishingly serviceable screen. It’s undoubtedly not going blow your mind with its one, 366 x 768 resolution or vivacious colors, however, the show can do for your everyday net browsing, streaming the occasional show and data processing tasks. Unfortunately, the laptop computer wasn’t loaded with any tunes; therefore, I used to be unable to grant the speakers ago. However, I would not be stunned if they plumbed tinny, decision making by the low value and size of this machine. Speaking of that, the IdeaPad 100S is implausibly skinny, mensuration zero.69 inches (17.5mm) tall, nearly matching the zero.68-inch (0.7mm) thick, 11-inch MacBook Air. Sure, the Asus Chromebook Flip is even shorter at zero.6 inches (15.6mm); however, it’s the advantage of fanless engineering. Lenovo’s very little cheap Window ten machine is unquestionably warrant the “S” denomination, that the corporate has started promise on its slimmer devices.

Pinch Runner:

The Lenovo IdeaPad 100S didn’t feel saddled by its low-power configuration in my short jiffy victimization the notebook. Scrolling through the beginning Menu was snappy, and apps launched quickly. The foremost rigorous task I used to be ready to place it through was gap a dozen close to application tabs. The restricted 32GBs of storage are some things you’ll simply get around by sound in AN Mount Rushmore State card, and there is the unlimited on-line house accessible on One Drive. However, I am cautious of what proportion you’ll do on Windows 10 with simply 2GB of RAM. (Though, we’ve got seen however it runs on even less.) Even Chromebooks equipped with a constant quantity of memory begin running speed bumps once making an attempt to look at quite fifteen tabs during a row. The good news is Windows ten doesn’t appear to place an excessive amount of a hamper on battery life. Lenovo declares the IdeaPad 100S will run eight hours, however, estimates tend to be a little exaggerated.

Early Verdict:

Even though I’ve solely had a brief time with the Lenovo IdeaPad 100S, I am excited regarding it. The thought of a cloud-based Windows ten machine is refreshing (albeit unoriginal), and, therefore, the laptop computer appearance and feels astonishingly solid for the worth. At constant time, I am a little hesitant to decision it a must-buy before golf stroke it to task as my daily driver. Within the past, I’ve seen however well Windows 8.1 and Windows seven works on restricted hardware, and it’s an exercise in frustration. Keep tuned for our full review within the coming back months.


  • Solid and thin design
  • Decent screen
  • Extremely cheap


  • Limited memory is worrying


Apple’s free Numbers iOS app could be a nice substitute programme for home users and students: it’s a good computer program, and even better-looking templates. Our review changes the planning with the new options in Numbers a pair of.6.1 for iPad & iPhone.Numbers continues to be a decent, solid and usable programme tool for iOS. The templates ar designed with initial rate and over enough formulas and charting options and therefore the interface is clean and comparatively straightforward to figure with.

That simple computer program is comparatively unaffected since a pair of.0, still showing a screen lacking of UI parts on the far side some text on the left and a few on the correct. This provides you screen with the $64000 estate attainable for operating that is very important on the iPad.

Numbers is often represented as a conflicting to Microsoft surpass, however that is ne’er very been true. Whereas shaping could have sleek, easy-to-use animations and effects that create it, Numbers has ne’er very tried to match the powerful mathematical and analytical tools that surpass offers to business and scientific users.

Numbers 2.6.1 does not embrace any vital new mathematical advanced options or functions that might enhance the facility of your surpass spreadsheets. In fact, quite an few of the ‘new’ options that Apple lists on its web site for Numbers were really introduced in previous versions, exploit solely a modest set of enhancements now around.

Numbers currently supports football play between the mackintosh OS and iPad, yet as iPad multitasking via slide over, split View, and film in image modes. Finally, you’ll be able to work on your surpass programme whereas catching au fait last week’ shows! Or maybe additional usefully, find info in an exceedingly applications programme for inclusion in your programme.

A lot of the enhancements in Numbers relate to sharing your work, yet as compatibility there with different programme program some individuals use on surpass. On the sharing front, you’ll be able to currently set a “view only” choice for shared surpass spreadsheets, so different users can’t amendment your work. You’ll be able to conjointly share associate degreed manage password-protected surpass sheets via an iCloud link, and numbers currently supports third-party storage suppliers like box and drop box.

Like the recent updates to pages the most recent version of numbers primarily focuses on conveyance the app up to now with new increased options in iOS 9. You’ll be able to currently use the new split read, slide read {and image and movie and film} in picture modes for playacting multiple operation on associate degree iPad. Split view, above all, is incredibly helpful after you have to be compelled to grab information from different apps simply} need to use in an exceedingly surpass programme however just bear in mind that split read is barely offered on the iPad professional, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini four.

Windows 10’s Big Mistakes: Can We Trust A Company That Removed The Start Menu?

Microsoft launched Windows 10 with multiple features and capabilities, and makes it easier for the users than ever to authenticate on a PC. Still, I fail to see why many features of the operating system were kept under veil of secrecy till the last minute, even simple day to day features which should have been spelled out from the start.

The Install/Reinstall Procedure:

Windows 10’s Media Creation app is very useful but it lacks vital information for avoiding install and activation issuestumblr_inline_nvhmy5HmkE1tcoq6n_1280.


Many people had reinstalled their old OS again, activate it, update to Windows 10 and then do a clean install. Still Microsoft has not made it clear on the tool page which version of Windows 10 you should be downloading. For example, you are capable to download Windows 10 Pro or Home but if your copy of Windows 7 or 8 were Home versions then you will be unable to activate the Pro version of Windows 10. In other words, it’s a mess and Microsoft should do up the Media Creation Tool which make these steps clear.tumblr_inline_nvhmy53EbF1tcoq6n_1280

The Update Process:

Installing an entire operating system by the means of what is essentially an update may work for Apple system with limited hardware configurations but the difference in Windows PCs is enormous. This is one of the PC’s best assets; but, it’s likely it also lead to a significant number of failed updates.

Windows Updates:

Windows 10 Pro users can stop updates from being installed automatically. Peculiarly, I used to like installing updates manually too, particularly performance updates. Windows 7 and 8 were not without their problems but seeing a latest performance enhancing update pop into Windows Update did give me which warm downy feeling that I was looking after my OS and might see some improvements.tumblr_inline_nvhmy6fwvY1tcoq6n_1280

A Huge Missed Opportunity:

The thing which infuriates me most about Windows 10 is the missed opportunity, basically about everything I mentioned above. Not keeping enthusiasts in the loop about how their systems would work was a very bad move, however I can see no reasonable reason why the information we needed was not made available months earlier than the launch. The install, reinstall process and activation should have been cursed out in a guide early ontumblr_inline_nvhmy8Ibow1tcoq6n_1280.

Most Reliable SSD Hard Drive for Mac System

Nowadays there is huge competition between different brands of SSDs and flash drive. We conduct a survey in order to determine the best SSD drive for Mac based system. The survey is based upon the reviews taken from users in different aspects. Here’s is some of the information related to SSDs:

Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

The price of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is £216 for 256 GB storage. It is basically a portable flash drive which consists of both USB 3.0 connections and Thunderbolt. Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt enables connection to the Windows PC with USB 3.0 connection and also adds welcome versatility. Using this device, Mac users can easily take the advantages of fastest desktop data bus. The weight of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is a little less than 250 g and can easily accommodate internal SATA SSD of 2.5 inch. The construction is rather preternaturally tactile. The dimention is about 130x81mm and 24mm thick with soft rounded from bottom. It is stamped with the thin aluminium sheet and white plastic top.

The largest capacity of Buffalo’s SSD hard drive is 256 GB and it is also available with 128 GB storage. After testing this device it is observed that over 3.0 USB, Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt can averaged reads at the 401MB/s and can write with the speed of just 258MB/s. It is far greater than the laptop disk drive although this measured speed is slowest among this capacity of the portable hard drive. If you are talking about small file transfer of about 1MB then the speed is just 155 MB/s for reads and the speed to write is about 66MB/s. While connected to Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt, the speed of Buffalo drive’s is dropped upto 391MB/s for sequential reads and for sequential writes it remains same for USB 3.0. While in small file tranfer the sequential reads is dropped down to 146MB/s and for random sequential write is again at 66MB/s.The transfer speed of the portable Thunderbolt device is always lag behind the slower USB 3.0 protocol.


The Buffalo’s drive is faster and also cheaper and can support USB 3.0. The looks and tactility will attract and recommend to anyone which is taken by its neat form.

Specifications of Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt:

  • The Thunderbolt interface will delivers the extremely fast transfer speeds which is up to 10 Gbps for the Mac users
  • The USB 3.0 of Buffalo’s drive offers the universal connectivity for Windows PCs as well
  • The Plug and play setup of drive enables easy to use storage
  • Can be Pre formatted for Mac
  • The Time Machine can support and offers scheduled backups in order to protect the Mac computers

Facts About SandBoxes And How Does It Help Your Computer

Virus infection to the files or any malware attack is the most common issue that every single user are facing now a day. Making use of antivirus software is not much sufficient for protecting guard your computer’s files with the virus or Trojan program. Some experts write the codes for harming or damaging the data of your personal computer. Especially JAVA Scripts and codes try to do this when you log in to the different websites; there is chance that local files may get affected with virus.SandBoxes

Have you ever heard about local files of a computer being affected with websites, plug in and browser? Have you ever question yourself how actually these local files are being protected from the other malicious applications? Often, it is quite common as the most of the websites on the internet tries to get the local files from your computer and it can be easily carried by giving special codes in the websites only. But here, I want to demonstrate about safe and securing technique to protect your rest of the computer files.

Know About Sandbox- An Easy Approach For Securing Data:

‘Sandbox’ which adds an extra layer in order to prevent data, not only from virus or any harmful attack but also helps to protect your rest of the files which are not in use. It really interesting to learn more about this Sandboxing, so just keep on reading this article you’ll come to know the facts about Sandboxes and how does it help your Computer while using internet. Simply saying, Sandboxing restrict the functioning of programs which damaged the data of the computer as this application is designed especially for this purpose to prevent the rest files from unauthorized server on the internet as they may contain your vital data or any financial information.SandBoxes

I would like to tell you with an example from which you can know the importance of Sandbox application is? As we all much familiar with the Online shopping, as it may involves online payment. Here you need to enter your personal credential for log in the account for payment. If you not installed Sandbox for this website, then these websites have no restriction and it can even hack your credential with ease with the help of some coding technique. If you have installed this Sandbox application on the computer for these websites browser, then this will not allow websites in accessing your personal detail as it restrict the functioning of additional premises.

How Computer Gets Benefited With Sandbox?

Many mobile apps, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. these programs have ability to run on the computer system, but it doesn’t have access to all files of your system as these apps have default Sandbox. Some other apps or websites are needed to install this application on your desktop. The main function of this utility is you can carry out the functioning of other program easily without involving in the rest of the files.

Mozilla Bolstered Security of the Firefox’s Private Browsing

tracking protection in firefox for privacy and performanceIt`s Done! A year long testing of a browsing mode in Firefox that doesn`t track your browsing habits on your PC but that also blocks online services that could track you while you`re surfing the web has been finished.

Finally we will be able to enjoy our privacy in the web. On 3rd of November Mozilla launched a new browser Firefox 42 that include tracking protection.

You can download now the Firefox 42 from for desktop and Firefox users will get their update soon.

According to Mozilla Half a billion people around the world are using Firefox; this makes the browser lucrative for developers to target for advertising and gathering consumer behavior data.

But the new private browsing mode in Firefox has completely taken pole apart turn. Now, Private Browsing doesn`t save a bit of you`re browsing history and also it blocks website elements (ads, analytics trackers, and social share buttons) that could track you.

Previously Mozilla users were depended only on browser ad-ons like Ghostery and Privacy Badger for this specific purpose.

Mozilla has also included a control centre for controlling all of the Firefox`s site security and privacy controls. For your convenience Mozilla has allowed to disable track protection as some pages may appear broken when you surf on Web.

To try it out, click the hamburger menu button (three lines in the top right corner), click the New Private Window icon to launch a Private Browsing session, and you’ll see a screen that confirms Tracking Protection is on. Now browse on whatever you want without the fear of getting caught.

Mozilla has lately gotten a lot of flak for adding features like a messenger and built-in Pocket support to Firefox. The company is getting lots of support from millions of Privacy fans now. Good! Well move MOZILLA.